Saturday, July 31, 2010

Evaluation of TeachTube Video

Michael Hobson, 2009, Twilight Overdues, viewed 1st April 2010,

There is little information on who the authority is for the video however the video was uploaded onto TeacherTube by Michael Hobson so we assume he is the authority for the video. The video is about the Twilight characters, Bella and Edward, talking about how Bella wants to be turned into a vampire but Edward won't do it because she has overdue books from her library. This video is aimed at young adults who like the Twilight saga. I think this video is a really good idea as it makes something like talking about overdue books which can be boring for most people into something interesting by using the Twilight characters to relate to them.

You can find the video here

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  1. Yes hard to find the authority of this one. I suspect it is a video put together by a secondary college for their students as a reminder of the date media books must be returned!! Yes good idea to use characters young adults can relate to but video would have to be revamped for general use. Maybe you could have mentioned that in your evaluation - CP