Saturday, July 31, 2010

Evaluation of TeachTube Video

Michael Hobson, 2009, Twilight Overdues, viewed 1st April 2010,

There is little information on who the authority is for the video however the video was uploaded onto TeacherTube by Michael Hobson so we assume he is the authority for the video. The video is about the Twilight characters, Bella and Edward, talking about how Bella wants to be turned into a vampire but Edward won't do it because she has overdue books from her library. This video is aimed at young adults who like the Twilight saga. I think this video is a really good idea as it makes something like talking about overdue books which can be boring for most people into something interesting by using the Twilight characters to relate to them.

You can find the video here

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

YouTube Video

Here is my YouTube video on how to check in and check out a book.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Annotated citation on Charles Sturt University Library podcast

Charles Sturt University Library, 2010, Your Library Out Loud - Podcasts, viewed 24th April 2010,

The Charles Sturt University Library podcasts are done by the 8 libraries spread across various campuses. The University is an authoritative library. The podcasts have some very useful information for new students using the library such as an introduction to the library, borrowing tips and information on services for offshore students. There is also podcasts on Ebooks, exam survival tips and information on Google tools. At the moment there are currently 15 podcasts to listen to and 17 podcasts to download onto iTunes which you can listen to them on your iPod. You are able to subscribe to the podcasts by entering in your email address and the new podcasts will be sent directly to your inbox. I like the information on the Google tools as it goes into detail on how to use the different Google tools to help you with your research other than using just the standard Google search.

You can find the podcasts here

Cut and Paste from word to your blog

To be able to cut and paste from word to your blog you must, when in the new post section, make sure you have selected Edit HTML. If you are under Compose it will not let you paste. To know if you are under Edit HTML the writing will be in black and compose will be in blue.


Today in class we had a look at Rollyo. This was the first time i had a go at Rollyo and it took me a while to understand how to use it. Once i played around with it more and read the about page i realised that it is quite simple to use. My searchroll that i created was the blog, wiki, podcast and flickr page that i critically evaluated. I also added this blog and Youtube.

The links are:

Here is the link to my Rollyo home page

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Princeton Public Library Wiki

Princeton Public Library, 2010, Book Lovers Wiki, viewed 11th April 2010,

The Book Lovers Wiki is run by the Princeton Public Library which is an authoritative Library. The wiki is for the summer reading program who writes reviews on the books that they read. There are reviews from all types of genres from chic lit to horror to classics. Anyone in their summer reading program can contribute to the wiki however you must register first either by emailing, phoning or at the Library’s Welcome Desk. The summer reading program is for adults as there are reviews for Angels and Demons and How to Kill a Mocking bird however children can still contribute if they want to. This wiki is good to see what different books are about and what rating the book was given.

The wiki can be found here

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Annotated Citation on the National Library of New Zealand using Flickr

The National Library of New Zealand, 2009, Flickr: National Library of New Zealand's photostream, viewed 28th March 2010,

In June 2007 the National Library of New Zealand started a pilot to share their digitized copies of the photographs in the Alexander Turnball Library on Flickr. They hoped by sharing these images they could introduce a new audience to them. This Flickr page is authoritative as it is hosted by the National Library of New Zealand. As of today the National Library of New Zealand have 817 items/photos on their Flickr page. Their sets of photos include Sir Edmund Hillary, Japan 1900, Sport and Aviation. All the photographs that the National Library of New Zealand adds are posted under a ‘No known copyright restrictions’ license. This Flickr page is useful for anyone whether they are from New Zealand or not wanting to see what New Zealand’s past life such as their surf lifesaving to their old cars.

Their Flickr page can be found here